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I'm web developer

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19' Aug

Hello World

I write my first line of code.

20' Sep

First college year

Software Development and Web NPA

21' Apr


Made my first portfolio page

21' Sep


Associate degree in web development.


Some of my previous projects what covers my knowledge in Website Development.

LimeLight Cinema

Cinema website for college assessment, using OOP PHP, RESTful API, Stripe API.


Designed and developed a website for a client, with contact form.

Organic Me

My first year's college submission for a coffee shop, using Bootstrap.

Newtongrange Gala Day

Another first year's college assignment this time I used Tailwind css library.


An OOP JavaScript project based on one of my favourite game.

Shutdown timer

A simple shutdown timer written in C#.

Till App - In Progress

A till system Web Application, developed on the MERN stack. Feel free to explore around it's currently at beta stage, password: 12345!

Get in touch

I’m interested in freelancing opportunities. If you would like to work with me, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.